Today has been incredible! In the last twenty-four hours we’ve launched our official Facebook page, our webpage, released a promo for the documentary film, and last but not least submitted to our first film festival.

But that’s not whats incredible. What’s incredible is the fact that so many people have reached with love and kindness to support our film. For that we want to say thank you all.

As many of you know this film was made during the Spring 2015 semester in order to fulfill a course requirement; however, it somehow managed to take on a life of its own. Over the last year. I’ve worked on editing the film; tightening up spots, trimming off the unnecessary fat of the film, and adding much needed subtitles. Wood: A Family Affair has touched a place in my heart like no other project and I’m truly excited for you all to see it. With all of that being said, I’m going to leave you all with this small promo from the film.

Enjoy. Ciao.
Michael Tolbert


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